Dr Carly Harrison

Mental Health Consultant

Carly is a Rehabilitation Counsellor, passionate about holistic wellbeing and early intervention in performing arts, sport and in workplaces. Carly holds a PhD degree from La Trobe University, investigating wellness monitoring and mindfulness in professional ballet. She is employed as an Associate Lecturer at La Trobe University and is a Mental Health Consultant, assisting people with psychological injury to engage with appropriate treatment and return to work.

Carly is also a Certified Wellness Practitioner and proficient in Mindfulness and Acceptance Commitment Therapy. She has presented at national sports medicine and performing arts conferences and has explored pain, injury and career transition in dance and ballet throughout her academic studies.

Carly has a strong interest to further explore wellness, mindfulness and holistic wellbeing with individuals, groups and teams, and to continue researching and developing early intervention and preventative mental health initiatives.

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Testimonials for Carly

“Thank you, Carly, for your wonderful sessions with our pupils, your tips and guidance was so beneficial for our members. Your carefully tailored sessions taught us valuable strategies and skills to practice mindfulness in our everyday, to prioritise mental health and overall wellness. We look forward to future sessions!”

“There is so much pressure and demands on us so it’s good to have this conversation and for people to know that there are ways to deal with heightened stress and anxiety. I think it’s definitely important and I hope there is some priority to incorporate mindfulness in the company. You provided a safe and comfortable environment for us to explore these strategies and to discuss our work, thoughts and feelings. So that was really good.”

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