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Bill Nelson is an elite international sporting coach who has turned his knowledge of developing peak team and individual performance into a world-class corporate consultancy, Total Performance Concepts Pty Ltd.

Businesses, defence forces, educational institutions, local government, and elite sporting programs worldwide rely on Bill’s wisdom of the science of performance improvement through leadership, team building and the development of organisational culture.

After providing his insight and experience exclusively to Olympic or elite level athletes for many years, Bill expanded his scope and now coaches and mentors a wide variety of leading business organisations and personnel.

Bill’s unique approach enables him to help people get the absolute best out of themselves and those around them. Their results bear testament to this.

In providing his services, he draws on his expertise and time as a multi-award winning swimming coach who has worked with the sport’s foremost performers in such academies as the world-acclaimed Australian Institute of Sport.

Bill personally coached Daniel Kowalski, Mathew Dunn, Scott Miller, Michael Klim, Nicole Stevenson, Linley Frame, and Duncan Armstrong during a distinguished career. He was the national event coach for individual medley and distance swimming for the Australian swimming team.

The success of the athletes he coached took Bill to the Commonwealth Games, World Championships and the Olympics Games and elevated him to Vice-Presidency of the World Swim Coaches Association.

Bill has worked with Australian Road Cycling Team, Australian Football League, Rugby League and Rugby Union clubs and teams, National Rugby League (NRL), Referees and Match Officials, Sydney Kings Basketball team, international surf wear and board sports company Billabong, The Australian Women’s Olympic Hockey team.

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Testimonials for Bill

“Bill has the expertise, insight and understanding into what makes a champion” Kieren Perkins

“Bill gave us a rare insight into the qualities and dynamics that lead to individual and team success”

Greg Bassford – Apple

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