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Executive Coach

An executive coach with a pedigree in elite sports, Clint works with individuals and teams to perform at their best. Clint does this through a suite of bespoke coaching and tailoring leadership and resilience programs. “There’s nothing more rewarding than supporting and empowering others to perform at their best”. Drawing on his former life as an AFL player (163 Games Geelong / Melbourne), the pursuit of high performance and excellence is deeply rooted into Clints approach. Setting individuals and organisations up to be ‘elite at their own game’ is a true privilege of my work through Clint Bizzell Consulting..

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Testimonials for Clint

“Clint’s Leadership & Resilience programs are having a genuine impact on the executives involved. It’s perfect for a global company like ours, where the day-to-day pressure to stay on top of our game is vital. The program is current and practical, with tools to implement immediately to develop the individual/team resilience for the long term. Clint masterfully challenges each participant to build on their strengths and find what is missing, which you don’t get from off the shelf programs.”

Beverly Stacey, Country HR Manager, ABB Engineering

“Clint has been a brilliant resource to upgrade our executive leadership capabilities across the business. He’s managed to convince some cynical hands of the value and ability to change, for both personal development purposes but also to improve the quality of management of our business and by extension its future growth.”

Tim Slattery, CEO APN Property Group

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