Mr Brad McEwan

Professional Storyteller & Mental Health Advocate

As a former Network TEN presenter with more than 20 years of experience reporting and presenting the latest in sport, Brad McEwan ensured viewers didn’t miss a moment of the action. Brad’s career highlights include attending the FIFA World Cup in South Africa; being part of TEN’s Commonwealth Games team in Delhi, India in 2010; and the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia in 2014.

His favourite football competition is the AFL, followed closely by the NRL; though for pure theatre and gladiatorial magnificence he finds it hard to split the AFL Grand Final and rugby league’s State of Origin.

In 2018, at the top of his game, Brad walked away from tv because he had an unfulfilled passion to serve others.

Brad McEwan and Co offers workshops, presentations, mentoring and strategy on a wide range of areas. Like storytelling, culture, leadership, media awareness, and, significantly, mental health and wellbeing.

A Beyond Blue ambassador for the past decade, Brad talks openly about his family’s experience of mental health issues, and the impact of losing his father and brother to suicide.

“In undertaking a new challenge, being able to share my experience interacting with some of the greatest storytellers and leaders in the world of politics, sports, and media means I am able to assist those in the world of business and everyday leadership; with their profiles, communication, and ability to make a positive mental difference in the world. I see kindness is key to success and make that the foundation of all the work that I do.”

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